Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting Started

Today I will begin Blogging my daily experiences, primarily about work. My wife is a Blogger and thinks it will be fun for me. So, where to start........

Lets start by laying some foundation. I am a Police Officer in a small to mid-sized Police Department in Central Ohio. I have been with this Department since 1996 when I started as a part time Officer. In 1998 I obtained a full-time commission. Since then my career has been pretty eventful. I have been exposed to numerous situations during my nearly 10 years on as a "regular" Officer. I have been directly involved in three Police involved shootings, one of which resulted in me shooting a suspect. Another shooting incident, unfortunately involved the loss of a fellow Officer. I have seen death and all of the blood and gore goes with the job.

Other things have ranged from dealing with crazy people to dealing with stupid people (this includes co-workers). I have seen the good and bad of the job. There have been many sad times, many happy times, many funny times, and many times where I just don't know what to think.

I am hoping that by sharing my future experiences I can "vent". I also hope others will share their stories with me. And, finally I hope this blog will help others understand that Police Officers are people too. We are normal people doing an abnormal job. We do many things others won't do.